Start (up) your engines!


Junior Chamber International sign

Tonight we were invited to attend an entrepreneurship “start up” event by our friend, Rene Churquina in downtown La Paz put on by the Junior Chamber International. The attendees were young Bolivian entrepreneurs starting ventures of their own and who want to use business for a positive social impact. Many of the people we met are members of the Bolivian Chamber of Commerce and are very excited to make a difference through business. The topic of the night was crowdfunding and general fundraising. It was really a 101 crash course for the attendees to learn what crowdfunding or crowdsourcing is and how to go about fundraising for a business venture. Rene invited us to attend because we used crowdsourcing to fundraise for our summer travels here to Bolivia. He asked us to give a short presentation and speak to the attendees about our success in using our crowdsourcing website. We explained how it helped build visibility for our venture, how we informed the donors of how we were going to use the money raised and the impact a donation would have in the long term. We also told the crowd how it has been a great way to communicate with people outside of our normal everyday networks and has provided a platform to inform people about who we are, what we do and why we are making a positive social impact. We showed the group our short video and our actual crowdsourcing website (link is above) and they all seemed very excited to see a real life example of how one can go about raising funds for a venture. They had insightful questions and were energized to see a success story and we were really glad to be able to share our bit of experience and knowledge with such an eager group of young entrepreneurs. It was a great evening and was fun to see yet another side of business in Bolivia in action!


About Siembra Orgánica

This is a blog about the venture launch of an organic fertilizer business to help organic quinoa farmers in Bolivia created by three Colorado State University MBA Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise students. We will post updates on our travels and research in Bolivia this summer and our adventures in bringing this idea into reality. We are passionate about helping rural Bolivian organic farmers and believe that helping provide essential agricultural inputs will change their lives for the better.
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