To the Moon!… Our Trip to El Valle de la Luna


Siembra Organica Team at El Valle de la Luna

Today we ventured to the outskirts of La Paz to visit El Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley in English) to hike and film some interviews. El Valle de la Luna is an extraordinary area where the mountain has eroded over time and formed various sorts of “stalagmites” made of clay. They range from only a few feet high to the size of a small house and we hiked all through the natural reserve of these fascinating formations. The area is dry and desert-like and must be the closest experience one can have to walking on the moon. We enjoyed seeing El Valle de la Luna in person and we were fortunate enough to use it as the background for a number of interviews to highlight some of our key learnings from the past few days. Our schedule has been packed with meetings and information overload but we’ve been so appreciative of how generous and helpful every Bolivian person we’ve encountered has been. They have overwhelmed us with their generosity, willingness to connect us with the right people and offer support in every way.

Watch a short video of our day at El Valle de La Luna! 


About Siembra Orgánica

This is a blog about the venture launch of an organic fertilizer business to help organic quinoa farmers in Bolivia created by three Colorado State University MBA Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise students. We will post updates on our travels and research in Bolivia this summer and our adventures in bringing this idea into reality. We are passionate about helping rural Bolivian organic farmers and believe that helping provide essential agricultural inputs will change their lives for the better.
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