Arrived in La Paz

Hola! Siembra Organica has arrived in Bolivia! We are happy to be here and very excited about all our upcoming work. We are admitedly a little tired and can feel the effects of the altitude. La Paz is at nearly 12,000ft above sea level but its neighbor city, El Alto (where the aiport is located) sits at approximately 13,500ft! However, the drive from the airport down into the city is just breathtaking and was a great introduction to our home the next few weeks.

Also if you haven’t yet heard much about the project, here is our 2 minute pitch:


About Siembra Orgánica

This is a blog about the venture launch of an organic fertilizer business to help organic quinoa farmers in Bolivia created by three Colorado State University MBA Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise students. We will post updates on our travels and research in Bolivia this summer and our adventures in bringing this idea into reality. We are passionate about helping rural Bolivian organic farmers and believe that helping provide essential agricultural inputs will change their lives for the better.
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One Response to Arrived in La Paz

  1. Herb Saperstone says:

    Glad to see you made it! I’m excited to see your progress

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